Floral Friday

Im so excited to finally launch


There is just something about having fresh florals and greenery in your home. The scent, colors and vibe they bring in just makes me so happy. I think my obsession began when I moved to New York about six years ago. While living there, I missed Florida's greenery so much that I would buy plants and flowers to fill my apartment. I remember when I moved in, I had my dad hang three pots from the ceiling in my bedroom. I then filled them with golden pothos, the leaves would grow so rapidly, overflow and hang all the way down to my dresser. A vase full of flowers and pots full of greenery always made me feel closer to home.

I also find it really fun and cost effective to arrange my own bouquet and that is what "Floral Friday" is all about! A "how to" to arranging our own seasonal bouquets with flowers from local vendors, grocery stores, florists and maybe even our own back yards! I am not trained or have any experience in the floral industry, I am just a lady who loves some fresh flowers! If I can arrange my own beautiful bouquet, you can too!

I live in a small city outside of the Tampa Bay area but I am always in the area and surrounding others. Just recently, two amazing women launched Posies Flower Truck. A vintage flower shop on wheels, making their appearance at local events & pop-up venues in the Tampa Bay area selling unique blooms you can't find at the grocery store. I thought for the launch of Floral Friday it would be perfect to also feature PFT. I find Posies Flower Truck inspiring because two women were inspired by a thought of spreading love & cheer and they changed that idea into reality. I started Floral Friday to inspire you to add some fresh florals into your home because I find that they bring love & cheer into mine. With that being said, I think Posies Flower Truck was the perfect pair to launching Floral Friday!

Ps: If you didn't see my post on social media, Savva and I are expecting!!!

When I am purchasing flowers for a bouquet I think to myself:

  1. What is going to be my base - usually a leafy green
  2. What is/are going to be my filler/s - think something like baby breaths 

  3. What is going to be my main flower - lilies were my main flower in this case

  4. What is going to be the "wow" factor - something unique & different

  5. Need more fillers - get another type of filler flower

IMG_1990 2.JPG

Steps to creating your own bouquet

  • You will need scissors and/or a razor
  • Vase - size depending quantity of flowers
  • Water in vase, you don't want to keep your florals out of water for very long

Step 1

  • I chose Italian Ruscus as my base, remember leafy greens!

A florist once told me before placing my flowers into the vase make sure you cut them again with a sharp knife or scissors. If the stem isn't newly cut it could dry out or if you cut the stem with dull scissors it can damage the tissue/cells at the end of the stem. Damaged/dry cells cannot absorb water effectively, leaving you with not so alive flowers for a not so long time! 

Step 2

  • Add in your filler flowers - the first filler I chose was stock flowers. I really love these because they add so much height. I don't cut these down too much to begin with, if need be, we can always cut then down later in the process.
  • The second filler flower I chose was lilac!

So I am a fan of asymmetrical designed bouquets. I don't like when the flowers look tightly/perfectly placed, I go for a more organic look. I placed the stock flowers across from each other because I plan to add my main flowers in the middle.

This lilac was so full and was a perfect space filler and pop of color! 

Step 3

Add in your main flower! My main flowers are lilies in this case because I bought two stems that each had 3 bloomed lilies. I had the most of this main flower.

I placed the lilies in the middle and will fill the empty space with more filler flowers!

Step 4

  • Add your "wow" factor - in this case I purchased dahlia for that, I don't often get my hands on dahlia. I originally bought three, one like a reddish/burgundy and two orange colored dahlia. I ended up only placing the reddish/burgundy one in the middle and put the two orange colors ones in a smaller vase next to my sink because they didn't match as well!

Place your "wow" flower in the middle, you want it to be front and center!

Step 5

  • Take a step back and use the other "filler" flowers in the empty spaces of the bouquet.
  • I had astilbe and green puffs 

I just love these green puffs!

Finished Product

Until next Friday <3