Dressing For The Belly

Belted Hem ShirtDress

Happy Wednesday my friends! As my belly grows, my pants obviously don't fit anymore and everything I have in my closet becomes less and less comfortable. It took me some time to find how I want/like to dress the belly, but I have to say this is my go to - a high belly belted dress! It's super simple, comfortable and easy. Just a couple days ago we entered our second trimester and babes is about 3 inches long, a hot jalapeño according to my Ovia app! So far I have had a very smooth pregnancy and feel extremely blessed. Savva and I are so excited for this journey, the future and to meet our little nugget. I would love to hear from other mamas, whether its advice or your favorite products!

I took these photos with my friend after eating at Bodega in St. Petersburg. Bodega is inspired by the islands of Latin America and with love for the freshest ingredients, Bodega creates food "people love." I've always heard of Bodega and have passed it many times but never actually ate there! Well, from now on, whenever I pass Bodega I will make sure to make a pit stop! I went with the classic cuban and I was far from disappointed! Little nugget wasn't complaining either, I had to loosen the belt by a couple notches hehe! 

My hem shirtdress is from Anthropologie and also comes in light & dark denim options. The platform sneakers I am wearing are Halogen from Nordstrom that also come in black. My belt is Gucci and my bag (which is the only thing not linked via like to know it) is céline. You can shop my look via my LiketoKnowIt - all links are located there! 

I am currently working with a web designer, redesigning my website! It will be much easier for you to shop each look I post and I can't wait for it to launch. However, It may take longer than expected to launch because I linked my domain to another hosting site and they won't release my domain for another two months (sigh) but it will be up and running soon! 

I adore these halogen platform sneakers, they are neutral and I get a lot of wear out fo them! 

You can shop my look via my LiketoKnowIt - all links are located there!