Boho Vibes

I'm not always the person who chooses comfort over fashion. If I love it, I'm going to wear it. Whether it feels good or not haha! So when something comes along in my closet that's so colorful, cute and the comfiest thing I have ever worn, it's quite joyous! Below is an off the shoulder Cecilia Prado dress from Boho Hunter Tampa that checks off all of the above! Boho Hunter originally started in Miami but has opened another boutique in Hyde Park Village in Tampa, much closer to muah - woo!! This is one of my favorite local boutiques! I love the concept of the store so much, they bring together high end Latin American brands that specialize in jewelry, hand bags and clothing. If I want something different, I make a stop at Boho Hunter. I know that when I shop at Boho Hunter Tampa I will come back with such a unique, colorful and high end find that not many people have. My hat, dress and bag are all from Boho Hunter Tampa.

My hat is Etnia Lab, a company that all of their products are handcrafted by women artisans in Ecuador and they empower their abilities by working closely with them for each one of their designs. My bag is Palma Canaria - a company ran by a mother/daughter duo and was inspired by Colombian artisans and their powerful and diverse talent. Lastly my dress, mentioned above, is Cecilia Prado. Cecilia Prado, a designer from a town in Brazil called Minas, and is renowned worldwide for her excellence in tricot pieces. These designers are just a taste of the Latin American diversity Boho Hunter helps bring to the fashion world.

I am wearing a medium,  this was the only size they had left in store and I wasn't sure if it was going to fit because I normally wear small and soemtimes extra small but it worked and I couldn't pass it up!

Hat is Etnia Lab, I linked both the above and below photo to shop!

I love this Palma Canaria bag so much! Each one of their pieces are handmade using natural fibers!