Happy NYE [champagne cocktails] !!!

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The countdown from 10, eagerly waiting for 11:59 to turn and popping bottles of champagne! Happy New Years Eve everyone! Here are some quick & fun champagne cocktails using; champagne, fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, pomegranate juice, rosemary and sage! I hope you all have a fun & safe NYE!!!

Cheers to 2 0 1 8!

May it bring you all health, happiness and love!

  1. The first one to the left is a pomegranate & champagne cocktail. Pour about a shot of pomegranate juice into a champagne flute. To achieve a layered cocktail like above, grab a spoon - yes a spoon! Tilt the spoon down towards the pomegranate juice but hold it towards the top of the flute. Then pour the champagne onto the spoon slowly. This will slow the pace of the liquid and help you layer your drink! After, garnish with a sprig of rosemary. Mine is fairly large for the camera, don't put that big of one in or it will be hard to drink. The rosemary sprig kept poking my husband in the face when I had him try them all - his only complaint haha! 
  2. The one in the middle is champagne mixed with a shot of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. I then garnished it with fresh sage. I used the same spoon technique for this as well to achieve that layered look. 
  3. For the last one I poured a half of a shot of pomegranate juice into the flute, then using the spoon technique poured half of a shot of fresh grapefruit juice and then using the spoon technique again topped with champagne and garnished with fresh rosemary! 

All three drinks are mild but add a fruity flavor to your champagne which is something fun and different for NYE!