Bridal Shower with a Hint of Derby

If you know me, you know I love a good hat. All kinds, panama, boater, fedora, baseball, beret, captains cap, you name it. So what would be a better theme for my bridal shower than derby attire! We didn’t want it to be a Kentucky derby themed bridal shower we just wanted hints of it. Like the best part, fascinators and mint juleps!

We had it at The Lange Farm, which is a multi-site wedding venue. The Garden House at the Lange Farm was where the event took place. An all white room, stained brown floors, windows all around and a beautiful outside patio that overlooked the rest of the farm. With all of the natural light, the room didn’t need much décor. For the centerpieces, we had Publix (New Tampa) make vanilla naked cake with donut frosting drip. 2Birds, the florist, placed a mix of blush, white and burgundy flowers on top. The cakes turned into each table’s dessert! Which, for future reference if anyone plans on using a cake as their centerpiece/dessert don't forget to give each table a cake server like we did haha!

I saw a balloon sign on Pinterest that said “Knot Yet Miss” and searched for it for months. I couldn’t find it anywhere so we went to party city for the large gold balloons that spelt it out instead. To keep the balloons from moving around, we used glue dots and just stuck them to the wall. We had to use a good amount due to the size but this worked great because the glue dots came off really easy and didn’t cause any harm to the wall.

Yaaassss, sayings are always fun! I got this gold glitter sign from etsy. We also had a sign that said "Pop the champagne, she is changing her name!" So corny and I love it!

Both my mom and I bought like 3 different fascinators and both chose the original one we picked, it always happens that way, doesn’t it! I got mine from La Meriée, a bridal boutique in Sarasota and my mom got hers from The Mad Hatter in Tarpon Springs, FL. Dress is from one of my favorite designers, Alexis

The tablecloths were ivory paired with an olive green napkins and the favor was placed right above. Savva and I are both Kalymnian, his Parents and my Grandfather are from Kalymnos, Greece. One of the best things from our island is the honey! For the favors of the bridal shower we decided to give Kalymnian honey straight from Kalymnos! While my mother in law was in Greece she shipped over the honey. We then packaged it in mini mason jars with a mini honey dipper, both found on amazon. We tied the polka dot lace and honey dipper with ribbon from Joann's Fabric and we created a thank you label that said "Love is Sweet, Sweet like Kalymnian Honey" off of Canva and printed them using the Avery website. 

Sweets, Sweets, Sweets! We had a mix of desserts at the Bridal Shower. The donuts were from Jupiter Donuts in Palm Harbor, the cookies were from Angie Q Sweets and for the rest of the desserts a very talented family friend made them!

Balloon garland was made by another very talented friend!

Some of my favorite fascinators below! Especially the bee hive, that was hand made by my friend Emma!

2Birds Florist also made the photo backdrop. They stringed flowers and hung them over a sequenced background! This could most def be a future DIY project - I have purchased flowers in bulk from Walmart. 

I had such a fun time at my Bridal shower and I am so grateful for all of my wonderful family and friends who hosted, helped, came and celebrated! All photos were taken by Kevin Michaels Photography.