Interview with Jessica Bigio

I'm extremely excited to announce NiaTriiton’s Inspire To Empower interview series, an area where we feature inspiring souls who are rocking life in the most vibrant of ways! Inspiration is contagious and my goal is to link you to others that Empower and Inspire you to be the best you! Our very first interview was with Jessica Bigio.

Jess is an entrepreneur, fitness professional, athlete, wife, mother and founder of Just Goodness! She is a force to be reckoned with, I think you will really enjoy reading about her journey, passion and lifestyle.

Occupation/title if you had to give yourself one?

Entrepreneur / Fitness Professional /Athlete

Tell us a little about your journey to where you are now...

I Love to Cook & Run. I decided food and Fitness were the two things I wanted to spend most of my time doing and continued to practice both everyday for well over a decade & Today I am able to share those passions with others. 

 You just finished a killer work out, what is your go to meal?

If I'm ready for a Meal immediately following a workout my go to is Raw fish (sashimi style) or Tatar with avocado and lots of raw greens, I eat this almost everyday.

Has your health always been a priority?


What is your everyday morning routine?

My Days start early 4:45am, up drinking about 50 ounces of water with fresh squeezed lemon. Then off to see my first client at 6am or an early morning Run. 

What inspired you to start Just Goodness?

My Husband & partner in JustGoodness and my passion for sharing healthy, delicious food with others.

What food can you NOT live without?

Organic Eggs

What advice would you give women struggling with body image...

Been There Done That. Accept all that you are and strive to be who you want to become when you look in the mirror. Happiness and acceptance of ones own beauty is an inside job, NEVER Compare yourself to others. 

Favorite quote/Mantra?

I Must do the thing I think I can not do

What is your favorite characteristic about yourself and why?

My intuition. It's strong and always right.

Coffee or tea?


You’re known for you fit bod! How do your workouts differ from others out there?

From the moment I arrived in Miami, 8 years ago, I was lucky enough to have the Best teacher, coach & mentor in this town. Lisa Gaylord, her unconventional no bullshit style of training has given me more than any gym, or book could. 

What do you believe living a healthy life means?

Making the choice everyday to move, eat and spend my time wisely. Nourishing my body and my families the best way I can. 

Dream vacation destination?

Hawaii, never been & always wanted to go.

How do you balance family, work and living a healthy lifestyle?

Taking on every day as a new challenge with new opportunities to grow and learn giving all my hats a turn, mother, wife, business woman, fitness fanatic. There is always time for what we prioritize. 

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